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Boozy Cake Recipes- A Roundup of our Favorites

Some occasions call for cakes with a little extra flair- this post features our favorite “boozy” cakes- from elegant cakes with a splash of champagne to fun and fruity cocktail-inspired recipes!

Boozy Cake Recipes- A Collection of our Favorites



These deliciously flavorful and unique cake recipes are sure to please- enjoy scrolling through! 

This collection of favorite boozy cakes consists of go-to recipes for celebrations of all kinds! Whether you’re searching for elegant champagne-infused cakes or fun and festive cocktail-inspired desserts, you are sure to find the perfect recipe for your special occasion in this roundup!

We hope that you enjoyed this collection of delicious alcohol-flavored cake recipes! If you give any of them a try, please leave a comment below! We would love to hear what you think.


Boozy Cake Recipes



Does the Alcohol used in cakes burn off? 

Alcohol does not completely evaporate when cakes or other dishes are baked. Cooking and baking will remove some of the alcohol, but not all. In addition, most of our fillings, frostings, and simple syrups that contain alcohol are not cooked.

  • A study by the USDA several years ago showed that 5 to 85 percent of alcohol will remain in a recipe depending on the baking time. It’s best to assume that there is alcohol remaining in y 




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